Download the application from sourceforge .

Installing (Windows Users)

Once downloaded, extract the zip file to a location where you wish it to permanently reside. If after installation you move or rename the folder, it will no longer startup and cannot be automatically uninstalled with the uninstall script. It will require manually going into the system services and removing the entry by hand to uninstall.

Go into the location where the application was extracted. Double-click on the install-iniglet.bat file to install.

To run the application without installing it, simply double-click on the iniglet.cmd file.

Installing (Mac and Linux Users)

Mac and Linux users simply need to extract the file to any location they choose. Then simply double-clicking on the file will start it up. To have it automatically start up, please add it to your startup list. For linux (gnome) users for example that would be System -> Preferences -> Session and then just add a new entry that points to